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5 Things to Remember When Applying for Government Jobs

by Hannah Ray

The process of applying for a government job can be similar to other types of jobs. There are certain industry standards that employers expect to see from applicants. These are five things you should remember when applying to a HP Govt Jobs.

  • A detailed and comprehensive federal resume is essential.

Federal resumes should be thorough and detail-oriented. Include details about your work experience such as your expertise level (e.g. Include details about your job responsibilities and manager vs. employee. It is important to quantify your roles. You can use examples like “increased funding to 25%” or “produced 30+ reports every quarter,” for example. Include key words and skills listed in the job qualification section. Government jobs are very detailed and require more pages than the usual 1-2 page limit.

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  • Learn how to navigate

A federal job opening requires you to create an account at USAJOBS.gov i . Federal job openings can be found on this website. To apply, an account is required. You will be able to receive emails about new job openings and upload documents.

  • Spend time studying the job posting

You should carefully review the job posting to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications and have the experience required. Check that your experience matches the requirements and don’t be afraid to apply if you meet those qualifications. You should also identify whether the job is available for you (e.g. Some jobs are only for veterans, while others are open to civilians. You will find more information about each job in the “How to Apply” or “How You Will Be Evaluated” sections. Make sure to take time to review these.

  • Be prepared for different types of interviews

Prepare for an interview if you are offered. Interviews with government officials can take many forms. These interviews can be one-on-one or in a panel setting. Sometimes they are also done remotely. Regardless, prepare accordingly. Interviews for government jobs are structured. Every candidate is asked the same questions and the answers directly relate to the job. To prepare, do your research on the skills required for the job you are applying for. Consult former employees and current employees to get advice.

  • Get involved in networking

For applying for government jobs, particularly at the state and local levels, networking is essential. You can find job opportunities that are not listed on government websites, gain access to specific sectors, and develop relationships for your entire career. To start building these connections, apply for internships and reach out to local and state representatives.

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