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I Wanna Take a Pic with Cardi B Lyrics

Why the Lyrics of “I Wanna Take a Pic” by Cardi B Will Inspire You

by Hannah Ray
I Wanna Take a Pic with Cardi B Lyrics

Have you heard Cardi B’s song “I Wanna Take a Pic?” The lyrics are powerful and full of inspiring messages about resilience and self-discovery. From her words, we can learn how to stay true to ourselves and take control of our lives. Let’s dive into the lyrics and get inspired!

The chorus of the song speaks directly to those who are struggling with their identity or image in society. She sings, “I wanna take a pic/That don’t even show my face/Just me in this space/That I call my own/Let me take it slow/And find out what I know.” This line speaks volumes about taking your time to get to know yourself and figure out who you are without the pressure of outside expectations. It encourages us to focus on ourselves and not worry about what other people think.

Cardi B also emphasizes self-love in this song. She sings, “Cause nobody knows me better than me, myself and I/ And that’s why I’m like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yea” Here she is sending a message that you must love yourself before anyone else can love you. This lyric also reminds us that we should never rely on external validation for our worth—only we can determine our own value.

The last verse talks about being resilient when times get tough and staying focused on your goals despite setbacks or challenges. Cardi B says, “Every time they try break me down, it just makes me stronger/I keep pushing through the pain cause life goes on longer.” This line is a reminder that no matter what obstacles come our way, we must push through them and stay focused on achieving our goals.


The lyrics of Cardi B’s song “I Wanna Take a Pic” offer powerful messages about self-love, resilience, and identity. From Cardi B’s words, we can learn how to stay true to ourselves even when faced with adversity, how to find strength within ourselves during tough times, and how important it is to take time for self-discovery without outside pressures. We hope these lessons from the song will help you stay motivated as you pursue your goals!

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