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Gemscode Indicator – Best Trading Indicator

by Hannah Ray

Gemscode is a very innovative indicator and also quite simple to use. The indicator includes buy and sell signals on the chart, based on two different trend directions to avoid noise, these signals can also be set up as bus/sell alerts. The script uses an exponential smoothing approach to filter erroneous signals and is based on a momentum strategy.

A well-developed and superior trading indicator on TradingView can help you stay in control, from anywhere and on any device. You can set alerts and choose whether the trading signals should be sent as an SMS, a pop-up message, or an email.

This type of flexibility in access is what makes TradingView so popular. Whether you are a short-term trader or a long-term investor, using a charting tool like TradingView will most likely improve your trading results.

The market has too many big players, so you are in a bad position.

The Gemscode indicator helps you to have that advantage. The indicator works at any time and in any market in real-time; stocks, indices, crypto-currencies, etc. It also includes multiple trend reversal signals with two signal modes that can be used for the profit you have made.

As a trader, you do not need to know exactly where the market is going – but understanding the various possibilities and knowing what opportunities to take advantage of is key to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Using trading indicators on Tradingview can dramatically affect the performance by changing your mindset or distracting you from discomfort. In a survey by Greenwich Associates, they conclude that 78 percent of capital markets professionals believe that technology as a whole has made markets better and more efficient.

GEMS can make whales

Unlike other trading indicators, Gemscode will not produce false alarms or premature sell signals.‍Except buy/sell signal, our indicator provides trend change alerts, large and small GEMS, so we can use this as an entry or exit position.

Gemscode gives you a simple picture of the market and gives you the exact time when to buy or sell with signals of changing trends.

Gemscode indicator is Invite-only scripts, which means the code is protected and we must grant access to each user

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