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10 Benefits of Massage You Should Know

by Hannah Ray

If you’ve clicked this article, it’s likely that you’re interested in the advantages of massage. Perhaps, while reading this article, you’re trying to understand the reason your shoulders are tense as well as why you feel like your neck is so tight that it appears to snap. Perhaps you’re one of the many who love massages. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the relaxing massage from a person you are able to trust (including your Heal Young Massage) your own) or an expert Remedial Massage, lots of people appreciate a good massage every now and then. What is massage? Are there different kinds which are benefits of massage? In this article, we spoke with two massage therapists in order to comprehend what you’re saying when you say, “I could go for one in the present.”

How do you define a massage?

“Massage therapy involves systematically and effectively manipulating soft tissue of our body to induce relaxation, and also to ease issues like discomfort, pain and anxiety. It also helps to reduce fatigue,” Christopher Deery, an experienced massage therapist licensed by the state and who has been certified by the board for therapeutic massage and bodywork says to Heal Young Massage.

This definition encompasses a wide range of different styles of massage and techniques. Deery explains.”After the completion of the massage school, [massage practitioners] can discover different forms of knowledge that will suit their personal needs.” Heal Young Massage as well as couples massages offer some advantages, and in the event of a pandemic it is worthwhile to try if you’re curious and competent.

Okay, now what are the different kinds of massage?

There are numerous various types of massage therapy however, here are a some of the more popular types of massage therapy:

  1. Swedish massages are gentle massage that will help to relax, as The Mayo Clinic explains. When you massage, the therapist could use lengthy strokes and kneading as well as more circular motions.
  2. Deep massage is a bit more pressure and more gentle strokes to penetrate the deeper layers of muscle and tissue according to The Mayo Clinic says. This could be the kind that treatment you request after you’ve sustained an injury.
  3. Massage for sports is like Swedish massage, as the Mayo Clinic explains. Sporting athletes who are recuperating from injuries and also those who wish to avoid injuries are able to benefit from this kind of massage, it is said by the Mayo Clinic says.
  4. Trigger point massage, as per to Mayo Clinic, is focused on areas that have tension and tightness, and helps to relieve tension.
  5. Heal Young Massage can help ease tension and ease soreness after a workout regardless of whether you choose to use an instrument like Theragun ($399, Theragun) or the foam roller or employ your hands.

Since the field is vast, it’s essential to know the kind of massage you’re seeking. “It’s not a cookie-cutter. There aren’t any of us with the same qualifications,” Angela Barker, an experienced massage therapist who’s board-certified in the therapeutic use of bodywork and massage says to Heal Young Massage. “So make sure you do your research and make a few calls, check their websites and then inquire about their services.”

Here are the top 10 benefits of massage.

If you love massages in spa-like settings there’s plenty of incentive to continue receiving them whenever it’s legal to perform them in the near future. However, if you’re wondering if massages offer other advantages for people suffering from medical conditions, or if the routine massages you enjoy so much are actually doing anything, it is evident that they are useful, depending on conditions.

However, let’s not be too carried away. While there’s evidence to prove the benefits of massage, it’s not possible to request a massage instead of seeking medical assistance. Even though you may try at massaging your neck in order to alleviate occasional headaches or massaging your abdomen to ease an abdominal pain may be feasible, you should consult a professional if you’re seeking relief from the pain that is due to a medical issue (even when you’re just having a chat with a massage therapist to learn Heal Young Massage advice). In addition, you must speak with your primary physician before scheduling a massage session for any specific condition or a specialist who you consult for the issue that you’re concerned about. There is evidence to prove the fact that massage therapy may aid in the following areas:

  1. Relaxation and stress relief

The primary benefit of massage is that it relieves stress, Deery explains. There is more to be done to discover how massage therapy decreases stress hormones, such as cortisol. However, evidence suggests that massage can reduce tension and promote relaxation.

  1. Intimacy between couples

Physical contact can do more than just make you feel good. According to Heal Young Massage has previously reported that a number of studies have shown that physical contact can reduce blood pressure as well as increase hormones, such as oxytocin. This can make us feel better. In a study from 2020, a tiny study released in the Journal of Health Psychology discovered that massages couples share with each other can benefit both the giver as well as the recipient. Even if you’re not seeking a medical massage, if there’s an ally and want to strengthen your bond and bond, it’s a good idea to grab some oil for massage and apply it on your partner (or the other way around).

  1. Relief from constipation

If you’re struggling with constipation or any other digestive issue and stomach issues, a massage may be able to ease some of the discomfort. A study from 2016 that was published in Gastroenterology Nursing discovered that abdominal massages can help those who suffer from constipation after surgery to get their bowels moving and feel more comfortable.

  1. Fibromyalgia pain management

Patients suffering from fibromyalgia suffer from chronic pain , as well as memory, sleep and mood issues. Massage therapy isn’t the only treatment for the illness however, it is a treatment option. Mayo Clinic says that it can be a complement to treatment (along with medications, counseling and exercise). It is important to remember that in some instances massage therapy could increase the pain of your body as it is what the Mayo Clinic explains. It is recommended to talk with your primary doctor regarding the possible benefits of massage therapy for fibromyalgia. ensure that you talk about the condition to your massage practitioner prior to the session.

  1. Relief from tension headaches

The tension headache or a concentration headache can appear as if there’s an elastic band over your head. as the Mayo Clinic explains. The reason for this isn’t well understood however, massages can help relieve headaches of this type according to it says the Mayo Clinic says. Particularly, it can help relieve tension in the muscles of your head as well as neck and shoulders (which may help relieve pain).

  1. The sleep disorder (related to anxiety)

As we’ve already mentioned that massages have a positive impact on the stress level, and lower stress levels can aid in getting sleeping (though you can also implement many other ways to improve your sleep–like making a bedtime routine and cutting down on the amount of time you spend on screens prior to bed to look into these as well).

  1. Myofascial treatment of pain syndrome

Myofascial-pain syndrome can be described as a persistent condition that causes pain and tension on muscles may cause discomfort (sometimes in areas that do not appear to be related) according to The Mayo Clinic explains. Although there isn’t a cure but some sufferers do the benefits of getting a physical therapist or massage therapist massage the areas that they’re suffering from discomfort to ease muscle tension according to The Mayo Clinic explains.

  1. Sore muscles and tension

If the muscles in your body are painful and affected by inflammation, a massage may aid in bringing blood flow to the affected area (and help to speed up the healing process) According to a meta-analysis study from 2015 that was published in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

  1. Joint pain and arthritis relief

Arthritis causes pain and swelling in joints as the Mayo Clinic says. While your massage therapist massages and massages your muscles and joints, blood flow is pumped to the joints, which can offer some relief temporarily according to it’s what the Mayo Clinic explains. Make sure you mention the fact that you suffer from arthritis prior to your massage therapy session to ensure that your therapist is able to guide through the ways you could collaborate.

  1. Circulation during pregnancy

A massage session in pregnancy can help improve circulation, according the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Make sure to check with your physician prior to making an appointment. Also, be certain to inform the massage therapist you’re expecting (even even if you’re not showing).

Here’s what you can expect from the massage therapy session.

After you’ve identified exactly what you’re hoping to gain through your therapy session (whether it’s pain relief or a relaxing feeling), Barker and Deery both recommend making use of the American Massage Therapy Association’s Therapist locator to locate a therapist who is certified within your local area. Barker adds that some states don’t require licensure for massage therapists. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the therapist you choose to use is properly educated.

The act of letting someone’s hands on your body can be an extremely personal experience as well. COVID-19 adds more complexity to that. Although Deery states that massage therapists don’t have to be essential professionals, some states have specific guidelines that massage they must follow. If you’re in one of those states allow it, you’re free to ask your massage therapist questions about the safety precautions they’re taking, Barker says, adding that communication should be the most important element throughout your entire encounter.

The therapist will talk with you about the reason you’re seeing them for. They’ll also inquire about the degree of your undress you’re at ease with, and will check in with you to confirm they’re applying the adequate amount of pressure during the treatment.

The most important aspect to keep in mind is that you’re able to express your opinions if there’s something that’s off or you aren’t happy with what they’re doing. “I frequently use the word partnership quite often however it’s really an agreement,” Barker explains, “And the more you interact with each other and the more you communicate, the better it’s going turn out.”

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