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What you need to know about BMW Alignment

by Hannah Ray

The Founding Fathers said that all men were created equal but not all alignments.

Basic alignment services, such as those offered by tire shops, only adjust the front edge. This is the angle between the front wheels relative to one another. If your BMW’s wheels have “toe-in”, the front edges of your BMW’s wheel are closer together than the rear edges.

The tire shop technician will align your front tires and charge you $65. You are then free to go.

What you might not know is that your BMW alignment goes beyond that. You need to calibrate things like the car’s weight, balance, ride height, and camber, as well as important elements such like the caster and camber.

You don’t know who to trust if your BMW MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper needs alignment. We will help you ask the right questions to ensure that your car is properly cared for.


The toe is the angle between your car’s front wheels relative to each other. The camber is next, which indicates the angle at the wheel connects to the road. To ensure that the tires have the maximum surface area on the road, align each wheel perpendicularly to the ground.

If the alignment is deteriorating and the top of a wheel tilts inwardly, the camber will be negative. Camber is positive if the wheel’s top tilts inward. Both tilts result in the same thing: your car will have less support from the road.

As you can see, the tire that is still on the road will wear much faster than the rest. This could lead to handling issues and further damage to your vehicle.


Caster is our last term. This is the angle created from the pivot point of the steering system, running from the front to the back. Caster is positive when the line is angled in a forward direction, and negative if it is angled backward. A positive caster will increase the tire’s lean in corners and improve stability at high speeds.

Fun fact, courtesy Yospeed. Road vehicles tend to drift to the right when rolling. This safety feature sends unmanned vehicles and drivers who lose steering control towards the side of traffic, rather than into oncoming traffic.

The CMW Method

The Ultimate Driving Machine(tm), performs best when all the elements are calibrated accurately. But bmw style rims likes to go beyond what is required for our customers. We make sure that all BMWs we sell have the right feedback for the driver and the handling characteristics BMW F30 wheels.

Your car is placed on the BMW alignment rack to begin each alignment. Next, we weigh your car to simulate passengers and adjust each corner’s ride height. After , the alignment is complete.

Your BMW MINI or MINI was designed from the ground up to be a driving experience like no other. An alignment should be done every 30,000 miles or when you change your tires. CMW stands behind all of our alignments for one year. We’ll talk with you about your driving habits to customize the alignment to fit your needs.

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