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Radio Power Strike – Worldwide LGBTQIA+ Web Radio

by Hannah Ray

The Radio Power Strike was created in December 2009 by Fernando do Vale. The desired proposal was, at first, to transmit music in the pop and E-music genres, programs and some articles about music. With the solidification as a vehicle of information of the segment in the brazilian Internet, it transcended this focus and expectation, leading to the creation of the newsroom in April 2013.

The newsroom at the time was created by a graduating student in the Social Communication course, with a degree in Journalism. Fernando do Vale, through the subjects Theories of Communication, Sociology, Techniques of Directed Communication and Methodology of Science, obtained parameters for the production, contributing to the development of the project.

The team was quickly formed by undergraduates and journalists already trained in Brazil and in other countries, uniting professionals such as copywriters and correspondents. In Latin countries and the USA, the reach has always been strong, but it is worth mentioning Southeast Asia, which also participated with the correspondent Komsan Suwanpradit, from Bangkok – Thailand. What before in the Web Radio communication medium, was only seen in its content: articles about music; LGBTQIA+ articles (queer culture); interviews; publicity of events; podcast; the Radio Power Strike was the pioneer in journalistic writing in the Web segment Radio LGBTQIA+ coming out of the “Brazil bubble” with a wide and unique content.


The name Power Strike is polysemic. The word “power” comes from the english meaning power, referring to the power of music and news. The lexia “strike” is an allusion to bowling, with the knocking down of all the pins at once called a strike. However, the meaning of Power Strike with the term Radio in front, has a connection with the proposal of radiojournalism on the Internet, the so-called webradio that used transmission via streaming.


The Impacto Music program, presented by Fernando do Vale, was the first gay program to be broadcast live in the northeast and the first on another radio in the segment outside Brazil, in Argentina, by AGRadio (first Gay Web Radio to be created in America Latin).

Fernando do Vale innovated the format of the program, (first program of the Web Radio LGBTQIA+ segment in Brazil that came out of streaming in audio to video), brought Luis Ribeiro (Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist) from Studio Luis Coiffeur, participating in the program addressing the theme Men’s Vanity and Beauty Tips. The various participations had podcasts and videos as innovations, the latter was the precursor in the segment with the

“Before and After” and thematic approaches not seen before.

Responsible for the recipes in the Culinary section, Chef Maurício Bachega was a pioneer in highlighting brazilian cuisine.


Fighting against acts of repression and discrimination against people’s sexual orientation, bringing society to the attention and providing guidance on their rights, provided interaction with listeners and readers.

Following the pioneering spirit of its projects, Radio Power Strike created two online campaigns: “Sou Gay, Sou Feliz” and “#BrasilsemLGBTfobia”, both with the participation of internet users who sent images with the description of the campaigns.

Space for inclusive churches in the programming, live streaming of the celebration in the church and programs with remixed gospel songs, was another innovation. Representativeness of the acronym LGBTQIA+ in the command of programs accompanies the station at all stages.

From Brazil to the World

In the pandemic in 2021, Radio Power Strike started the new format. The main language on the website and mobile platforms becomes english, vignettes produced in a professional studio in the USA, the unique Visual Identity is heavily explored and new innovative projects are being prepared with official disclosure gradually in 2022.

Radio Power Strike – The Innovation of Music!

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