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Dreaming of snakes in your House

by Hannah Ray

What does it mean?

According to my experience helping to interpret snake dreams during the last years, I have found that dreaming of this reptile in the house is by far one the most common experiences among dreamers.

Seeing a snake in the house means you are harboring worries over your personal space, maybe there is a disruption in your daily routine, or perhaps you (or people close to you) have being impacted by negative or toxic influences.

I will share the different meanings of a dream of snakes in your house:

Dreaming of snakes in the house means worries over your personal space

First of all, the house shown in your dream can be considered as the authentic expression of how things are going on inside your mind. The snake, on the other hand, is regarded as the manifestation of a disturbing aspect of yourself. Thus, a dream with snakes in your home reveals a current distressing state of your inner world as a result of a threatening invasion of your personal space; maybe you believe that someone is doing something that is perturbing your thoughts or feelings.

Dreaming of snakes in the house reveals disruption in your daily routine

Another interpretation affirms that this dream is displaying problems with your routine or with the way you conduct your workday. Indeed, there may be an irritating alteration in the normal rhythm of your daily activities. Let me ask you: Are you feeling uncomfortable as a result of an abrupt and sudden change in your daily life, a disruption in your lifestyle you cannot control?

Dreaming of snakes in the house shows negative influences

Dreaming that snakes or other harmful animals, such as spiders or rats, enter your home can indicate that in real life you are exposed to bad influences, or that someone is causing trouble or tensions; it can also imply that you are going through an uneasy process of acceptance or recognition of your bad habits or attitudes.

On the contrary, your strong desire to remove those negative elements from your life is being expressed through dreams in which you expel or throw out those unwanted animals (snakes) from your house or, better yet, if you kill them.

Dreaming of snakes in someone else’s house 

If you dream of a snake in someone else’s house, it means that you are in the middle of a new and challenging situation having no idea what is going to happen next. Indeed, it is possible that you are facing an uncertain and hostile environment with which you are not quite familiar.

Dreaming of snake in a dark house

This dream symbolizes uncertainty, it is possible that you do not have a clear path to get something in real life, or perhaps you are not able to see the whole picture in a current personal situation you are going through.

It is possible that you find it very hard to make important decisions in real life, since you do not know quite well the real nature of the situation or individuals you are dealing with; you may be worried or frustrated for not being able to estimate the consequences of your possible choices.

The same idea might be applied for the current state of the relationship with your partner: you might believe there is no future with him.

Dreaming of snakes in a large house

If you dream of being in a big house with snakes, it reveals that you are harboring fears, personal insecurities. That’s right! you may find yourself in the middle of a new personal situation that exceeds your individual possibilities or capabilities, perhaps you are in front of a challenging scenario you cannot deal with.

For example, a woman dreamed that she was in an empty and very large house, which was full of snakes. In real life she had started a new job in an office and its work environment was very toxic, it was full of gossip; on top of that, she could not find anyone to trust at work and felt that at any moment she would be the victim of strong personal criticism for her performance.

Dreaming of snakes in the house where I lived in the past

Recurring dreams of snakes (or other harmful animals) in the house where you lived years ago might be uncovering an urgent need to solve serious problems from your past; troubles you thought had been forgotten or overcome. The reptile is just embodying the fears, feelings, or worries you used to have back then, that might have been activated or triggered by an ongoing event.

Perhaps you’ve picked up old ways, old patterns of behavior in your family in order to deal with something new or unfamiliar happening now in real life.

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