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6 Relatable Podcasting Problems and How to Overcome Them

by Hannah Ray

Podcasting is a passion and an idea. But sometimes, we get stuck in podcasting issues that we don’t know how we can solve. We begin to doubt our ability to handle the challenges of podcasting, and we question our abilities as creators.

We understand that it’s easy to let negative thoughts take over your podcasting life. But, you can overcome them.

  • Podcasting and Talking

The process of recording and constant editing! You can become too self-conscious about how you sound and speak on your show. Maybe you are unhappy with your accent or how your voice sounds on recordings. You don’t have to worry about that, we’ve all been there.

Remember that you don’t have to record perfect. Your occasional pauses, multiple “ums”, and other quirky sound reactions will likely go unnoticed. These are only amplified by the creator of the podcast. Natural, human podcasters are much more approachable and likeable. They actually connect with the audience better.

It doesn’t matter what podcast you are listening to, the core of podcasting is the art and science of storytelling. Do not be afraid to experiment with the microphone!

  • Time and Environment

You have a great idea for a podcast. Although you’ve planned the show in your head, it’s hard to find the time to actually record the episode. It could be that you don’t have enough time for post-production. It may also occur during planning and drafting.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I really have the time? Or am I putting off the tasks? A self-check can help you to reevaluate your podcasting motivations and realign them. Are you losing your passion for podcasting? Do you think it’s due to a life situation or external factors? Take care of your mental health and well-being. You can take a break from podcasting for a while, and then come back when you are ready.

I cannot agree with my guests on a time

It is much easier to schedule a meeting with collaborators and guests if they live in the same state or country. There is no need to worry about time and date differences in most cases. Virtual recording sessions, if more convenient for you, are also available.

Are you unable to agree on a date? There must be a way for everyone to come to an agreement unless someone is trying to avoid the meeting. Are you able to list all the available times for the future? This method can be used by software and platforms such as Calendly to facilitate appointment scheduling.

Calendly can also be used to book cross-country and cross-state appointments. The platform automatically converts dates and times and adjusts them to the viewer’s time zone. This makes appointment booking much simpler for everyone. It eliminates the need to convert time zones or worry about missing a meeting.

Too noisy to record a podcast

Most audio-editing software can easily remove static noise from recordings. Do you hear your neighbor’s dog barking in the middle or end of your recording? Do not worry about re-recording. Many editing software allows you to delete certain parts of your recording. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to leave it on, however.

Imagine it being unbearably loud like a family with many members who refuse to lower their voices. It might be worth waking up an hour earlier than the rest to record your podcast audio. The flip side will allow you to record late at night after everyone has gone to bed, though this is harder to maintain constant.

Other quiet locations you might consider are rooftops, empty cafeterias and restaurants, parks, and empty schools. You might find dynamic microphones more useful if you are willing to invest in equipment.

Too much time is spent on content creation

Most people start podcasting as a hobby. Our Luciamatuonto users revealed that podcasters either discuss their passions or their careers. Lucky people are those who can combine the two and make it into a podcast. We often have other tasks than podcasting, such as e.g. It can be hard to keep a consistent recording and posting schedule when you have schoolwork, day jobs and family life.

It can make a huge difference in your life to have the right tools to help you save time during the podcasting process. You will want to promote your show by leaving a link that people can use to access your show. But which link should I leave? Spotify? Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts You can see all the directories that you are on. This can be time-consuming and unprofessional. Too many links can actually ruin the appearance of your post.

Many podcasters use Linktree and other biolink tools to do this. It can be tedious to set up your Linktree. You will still have to copy and paste the links from each platform. They don’t automatically update. FLink, on the other hand, is a multi-link tool specifically designed for podcasters. This tool is self-updating, auto-generated, and can be used to promote your show.

Are you a social media guru who spends a lot of time jumping around from one platform to the next gathering comments and trying to identify which one is relevant? Encourage your listeners towards a single comments funnel that is accessible to all users from any browser.

How do I keep my podcast posting schedule on track?

Do a little whenever you can as you never know what might happen and how it could affect your future plans. You don’t have to worry about getting ahead of the curve, as you can always set your episode publication date . Luciamatuonto users don’t have to worry about updating unreleased episodes’ Flinks, as they are self-updating. This means that you can prepare your social media descriptions and posts in advance, which will save you a lot of time when promoting your show.

  • New Podcast Ideas

Are you experiencing writers’ block or artists’ blocks? It’s normal for creators to experience this. Take note of any interesting things you see as you go about your day. This list is a great resource to refer to when you run out of ideas.

Take a walk, go to a new location, try new foods, meet new people, and you’ll never know where your next inspiration might come from. Get out of your routine and find ways to relax. This could be a time to hang out with friends, or even a visit to a bar. Some people find comfort in a long, relaxing bubble bath surrounded with scented candles. You can do whatever you like .

You can even get content directly from your listeners! You can receive audio messages from any person, anywhere in the world, including your listeners, using the Voicemail function. You not only get to get to know your audience better, but you can also use their audio messages in future episodes. Problem solved!

  • Keep up to date with podcasting trends

You must be aware of what is happening in the industry if you want to stay in the game. It can be hard to keep up with industry trends and events due to our busy lives. What can you do to stay on top of the industry’s latest trends and events? Use social media. Your time spent scrolling through social media will increase the likelihood that you’ll come across podcasting news.

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Can also connect with listeners, outside of your niche. Sometimes listeners can have a better understanding and picture of the whole industry than people working in it. Subscribe to podcast emails and follow podcasting blogs. Many podcast hosts have their own blogs.

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  • Reaching New Audiences

This is the most challenging part. While podcasters who are just starting out have difficulty acquiring listeners beyond their family and friends, more experienced podcasters reach a plateau in growth. This is true for other creators such as YouTubers and influencers, as well as digital artists and songwriters. To keep your podcast audience growing, it takes a lot of effort. Here are two easy organic ways you can get started:

Use social media

You’re probably tired of hearing this advice, but social media is still a powerful tool that’s often overlooked. People spend most of their time scrolling through social networks. If you want to grow your fan base, you will need to create a social media following. This involves:

  • Be aware of what you post and how you react
  • Monitor your social media stats, and analyze them
  • A consistent posting schedule on social media
  • Quality content that appeals to your audience
  • Be aware of the algorithms used by each platform
  • Engage in active interaction with followers and other creators

Reach out to other by collaborating

Is there anything stopping you reaching out to others and collaborating? Send an invitation message and an email to your friends! Anyone you have on your podcast is a plus. The best way to spread reliable information is through word of mouth. You can rest assured that your family and friends will listen to your podcast.

Cross-promotion between podcasters will help to increase listenership between them, especially if your guests are fellow podcasters. If you have a celebrity or influencer who is interested in your podcast, you might want to give them a marketing kit to help promote it. The kit could include digital assets, templates and other useful stuff.

  • Monetization

Every creator’s driving force should be the craft and the listeners’ experience, not merely the monetary rewards. It’s the joy of creating podcasts. However, it is always nice to be financially able to make money from the content we create.

Lucia Matuonto – Relatable Media offers services as a Book Author, Creative Director, and Podcast Host to promote books, screenplays for writers, wordsmiths, and songwriters.

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