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5 Potential Health Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

by Hannah Ray
5 Potential Health Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have shed their 1970s party drug image and, if research is to be believed, may play a role in mental and physical health. What are the supposed health benefits of magic mushrooms, and what do the studies say?

Anyone who has tried shrooms will tell you that the experience was “life-changing”. Before you dismiss these claims as the ramblings a hallucinating brain, studies have shown that there is some truth in them. A growing group of researchers are determined to find out the benefits of P. cubensis.

The Schedule I classification of magic mushrooms means they have a high abuse potential. However, there are currently clinical trials and research underway to prove the health benefits. In the past two years, the FDA has granted Psilocybin status on several occasions. This classification allows for the rapid development of new drugs that have therapeutic potential.

What are the magic mushroom health benefits for which psilocybin or psilocin is being studied? What research has revealed about the health benefits psilocybe mushroom? Continue reading!

Health Benefits of Psilocybe Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been shown to provide health benefits according to research and reports from users. Here are 5 ways that magic mushrooms can improve your health.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Help Fight Depression

Improving Depression has been one of magic mushrooms’ most studied health benefits. Researchers in one study examined the safety and efficacy of psilocybin assisted treatment for depression over a period of 12 months.

The study involved 27 participants who had moderate to severe depression. They received two doses psilocybin, along with supportive psychotherapy. Researchers found that out of 24 participants who had completed the psilocybin treatment, it reduced depression throughout the 12-month period.

This is wonderful news but more research is needed to confirm the link between psilocybin, depression and psilocybin. Self-medication at this time is not recommended, as we still don’t fully understand the health benefits of golden teacher spores and their risks.

  1. Can Help Treat Headaches

A 2017 report on psychoactive drugs used as a treatment last resort revealed that psilocybin and other psychedelics may be able to help treat migraines, which are resistant to treatment. Cluster headaches, according to research are among the most painful conditions that humans can experience.

The news that magic mushrooms may have health benefits is good news for those who suffer from migraines, which number approximately 39 millions in the United States.

More research is needed to determine if psilocybin can cause headaches, particularly since other studies suggest that it may cause transient, delayed headaches following administration. You might want to wait before using magic mushrooms.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Psilocybin is the main active component in magic mushrooms. It has been extensively studied because of its ability to reduce anxiety. In a 2016 study, published in Journal of Psychopharmacology, the effects of Psilocybin were examined on depression and anxiety among cancer patients.

The double-blind, randomized trial compared a low dose of psilocybin to a higher dose in 51 cancer patients. It observed the effects for six months. Researchers found that those who received the higher dose experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and depression related to death.

The study observed improvements in optimism, quality of life and life meaning in the group who received the higher dose. Over 80% of participants continued to show clinically meaningful improvements in anxiety, depression and mood throughout the course of the study.

Other studies have confirmed these results, suggesting that magic mushrooms may be beneficial for anxiety.

  1. They Can Treat Post-Traumatic stress Disorder

Several University of South Florida showed that low doses of Psilocybin can stimulate brain cell growth in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the brain center for memory and emotion.

The study showed that psilocybin was more effective than a placebo in helping mice overcome conditioned fears. Researchers hypothesized that psilocybin may have similar effects on humans, and could help break the traumatic cycles that occur in PTSD patients.

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A study of traumatized AIDS-survivors found that psilocybin assisted therapy reduced PTSD symptoms. Several trials are currently underway to determine the benefits of psilocybin for PTSD.

  1. Can Help Smokers Quit And Addicts

In a study by Johns Hopkins University, psilocybin combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), outperformed CBT alone and commonly used medications in 6-month abstinence from smoking. The researchers discovered that 67% were still smoking-free after a 12-month follow up.

A study from 2015 showed that alcohol abstinence was significantly improved by psilocybin treatment. The gains were maintained over time. This is good news but more research is needed to determine if it can reduce cravings or improve other types of substance abuse.


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